Shrink Tank small W8-D and large W8-E
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Shrink Tank small W8-D and large W8-E

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Shrink Tank small W8-D and large W8-E

Shrink tanks are used as an integral or separate element of the product shrink wrap packaging line applied after previous vacuum packaging. Packaged products involve all kinds of raw or heat treated meat, cheeses and other products, depending on the needs of the user.
Tanks W8D- small and W8E-large differ from each other in terms of dimensions and efficiency.

•    Quick packaging thanks to capacity of 3 t/h- using the small one, 4,5 t/h using the large shrink tank
•    Prolonged product's life
•    Aesthetic, neat package
•    Product is ready for effective labelling after previous drying
•    Reduced storage volume

Technical description
The structure of the shrink tank and the water tank is made of stainless steel. Moving table is also made of stainless steel and plastic. The table moves vertically in order to immerse the product in water at a suitable temperature. Afterwards, the shrink film wraps the product, thereby preparing for the next stages of the packaging line. Machine's table operates in manual mode and automatic mode.
Shrink tank is equipped with a microprocessor controller that controls the correctness of temperature, time and water level and allows you to set the operating parameters of the shrink tank depending on individual needs. Built-in table rollers facilitate loading and unloading of products. The device is protected against power failure by means of a circuit breaker.


W8-D Shrink Tank small
W8-E Shrink Tank large

parameters W-8D W-8E
Voltage 3x400V 3x400V
Current 14,8 A 14,8 A
Power of heater 9,5 kW 14,4kW
Power of drive 0,37 kW 0,37kW
Level of protection IP54 IP54
Dimensions height x width x depth 1488x690x618(mm) 1623x890x670
Capacity ~ 90 dm³ ~ 125 dm³
 weight 120 kg 160kg

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