"Wilk" Cutter sharpener W1E
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"Wilk" Cutter sharpener W1E

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"Wilk" Cutter sharpener W1E



  • Sharpening sieves, knives and "Wilk" type meat grinder cutters


  • Excellent sharpening
  • Better quality of raw product thanks to appropriate adhesion of cutting elements, which minimizes the increase in the temperature of the meat during the cutting process
  • Increased blade's life
  • Blade structure is preserved


Technical description


"Wilk" Cutter sharpener is a high rotary grinder with abrasive wheels mounted on it.

Magnetic turning table is driven by an electric motor and is adjustable by the grinding fine tuner. Its closed cooling system is powered by a feed pump. The standard equipment includes the necessary reductions allowing for sharpening Wilk sets from Ø65 to Ø200. Other sizes and configurations are available upon request



W1-E - "Wilk" Cutter sharpener

Voltage 400V
Current 14,8 A
Revolutions of grinder 2950 obr/min.
Power of drive 1,1kW
Level of protection IP54
Abrasive wheels Garnkowa, tarczowa
Water pump jest
Dimensions height x width x depth 430x810x390
Weight 91 kg

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