Universal knife sharpeners W7C
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Universal knife sharpeners W7C

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Slaughter blades sharpener W7C

•    Sharpening the knives of different types and different thickness used in food processing

•    Excellent quality of blades with easy and convenient operation of the sharpener
•    Increased blade's life
•    Adjusting the angle of the blade to the user's needs

Technical description

Slaughter blades sharpener W7C is a device easy to use, yet very powerful. Three-phase sharpening process is achieved by specially contoured grinding stones. Easy and convenient operation of the sharpener is provided by magnetic extension for running the knife steadily.
Water cooling is applied during the process of sharpening to obtain longer blade's life.
By regulating the angle of the guides it is possible to adjust the angle of the blade according to your needs.
The use of profiling ceramic disks allows for precise alignment of the blade (wire-edge removal) and a felt wheel finishes the sharpening stage.













W7-C Universal knife sharpeners

Voltage 230 V
Rated motor current
1,25 A
power 0,18 kW
Level of protection IP54
Rotational speed
1350 obr/min
Rotating parts grinding wheels,smoothing discs
Dimensions height x width x depth 380x300x270
Weight 17 kg

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