"Kuter" cutter sharpener W70L
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"Kuter" cutter sharpener W70L

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"Kuter" cutter sharpener W70L


•    Kuter's cutter and optionally disc-cutter sharpening

•    Perfectly and precisely sharpened cutters thanks to single automatic sharpening process and smooth regulation of the blade's angle
•    Cutters structure is preserved
•    The possibility of sharpening different types of cutters using the appropriate adapter

Technical description
W70L machine is used for sharpening Kuter machine's cutters, but it can also sharpen other cutters, through the use of additional accessories. For precise sharpening, we recommend using appropriate equipment.
Convenient cutter mounting system enables accurate and easy maintenance during operation of the machine. Slow rotation of the upper abrasive wheel exclude the risk of injury. What is more, the water cools and prevents the cutter and the blade's edge from overheating without changing its structure. Comparing to conventional methods of manual grinding and sharpening, our machine along with accompanying equipment allows for more precise sharpening. W70L machine equipment enables individual setting of angles and allows for sharpening of the long edge of the cutter. The machine has been carefully designed and constructed and, therefore, all the parts have a long service life and their servicing and maintenance are very simple.
              Thanks to the application of electric support drive (which is a novelty with respect to version W70-K) it is possible to obtain a curved blade profile without having to change the angles during the sharpening, adjustable programming device for grinding cycles ensures repeatability of the sharpening process.


W70-L - "Kuter" cutter sharpener automatic

Voltage 3-400V
Power of drive 1,1 kW
Rotational speed 1400obr/min
Power of drive 1,1kW
Level of protection IP54
Rotating parts grinding wheel, abrasive belt, felt shield
Dimensions height x width x depth
550x650x710 (mm)
Range of sharpening f80 do f770
Weight 114 kg

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