Reinforced solid polycarbonate doors
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Reinforced solid polycarbonate doors

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Reinforced solid polycarbonate doors
Reinforced solid polycarbonate doors are used in traffic routes, production halls, niches or coolers. Wherever there is high traffic of all kinds of trolleys, for instance.  They are impact resistant, lightweight, rigid, transparent and perform the insulation functions, draft-proof. They are a cheaper alternative to stainless steel swing door.
 By default, our solid polycarbonate doors consist of:

  • solid polycarbonate panel door in stainless steel clamp frame
  • stainless frame
  • swing hinges with lock function
  •     Solid Polycarbonate PC is one of the finest plastics. Its advantages include:
  • high endurance and durability
  • high resistance to inorganic substances.
  • high thermal insulation 
  • lightweight 
  • transparency of glass - up to 92%
  • impact resistance 25-fold greater than glass
  • temperature range from -40 to + 120 ° C
  • resistance to UV radiation,
  • flameproof (flammability class B1)



WTP-1 single-leaf reinforced polycarbonate door

WTP-2 double-leaf reinforced polycarbonate door

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