Desliming Machine W3-B
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Desliming Machine W3-B

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Desliming Machine W3-B


Desliming machine is used to remove slime from cattle, swine and sheep intestines mechanically.


•    cattle, swine and sheep intestines are efficiently and thoroughly cleaned
•    cleaning efficiency up to 20 sets/h

Technical description

Desliming machine is a device which applies to small and medium-sized enterprises. The machine's body, which is the supporting structure of the device is made of plastic connected by acid-proof steel. It is powered by an electric motor with a power of 0.25 kW. Depending on customer's needs, the capacity for cleaning swine and cattle intestines can be 15-20 sets / h and for sheep intestines it is 10-15 sets / h.


W3-B Desliming Machine

Voltage 230/400V 3 phase
Rated motor current 1,65 A/0,95 A
power 0,25 kW
Rotational speed 1400 obr/min
Water owpered pressure 0,08-04MPa
Electrical connection 5 prong plug16A
Dimensions height x width x depth 450x220x220(mm)
weight 22 kg

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