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By default, stainless steel hinged freezer doors operating at temperatures from -1 ° C to -50 ° C include:

  • door wing 120 mm thick, straight door frame 40 mm thick
  • stainless steel sheet of 2B matte structure
  • thermal insulation in the form of a filling of polyurethane foam with a density of approx. 50 kg / m3, 
  • stainless steel angle hinges 
  • double silicone gasket, directly to the floor,
  • heaters in the door panel and the door frame, depending on the temperature
  • double-sided interlocking system with a lever 
  • single or double-winged doors
  • internal stainless steel reinforcements
  • possibility to order larger dimensions.
  • doors with a cavity for a rail track 


ZK-10 - single-leaf stainless steel hinged freezer door

ZK-20- double-leaf stainless steel hinged freezer door

ZK- 30 - stainless steel freezer door freezing for a rail track

•    steel sheet texture: polished, grain
•    safe lock with HPO unlock option
•    single or double-sided HPZ lock with open / closed indicator
•    lock made entirely of stainless steel
•    Additional hardware - wall treatment
•    door automatics
•    Reinforced solid polycarbonate doors

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