Serving hatch windows
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Serving hatch windows

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Serving hatch windows are usually used in operating theatres to allow staff to transfer contaminated materials and tools to dirty zone without leaving the clean area. In addition, the windows can be used in rooms with increased degree of purity such as Central Sterilization Room or Laboratory. It is recommended that the equipment to be sterilized should be transferred between contaminated materials room and the clean and sterile area by serving hatch window.
              Our serving hatch windows are tailored to individual customer needs and can be designed on the basis of a typical stainless steel window on actuators in mechanical and electronic versions. They can also be mounted into the door panel, which is a very functional solution.
Serving hatch window (glass)
              Available in two versions:
•    Mechanical: the width of the window from 580 mm to 4000 mm; lifting height 400 - 600 mm  
•    Electrical: window width from 580 to 1000 mm (power supply 230 V, control unit included)
The window consists of a fixed glass pane in the upper part and the lower movable part. The movable part moves on vertical tracks and the mechanism at the top compensates for its weight so that little effort is needed to raise and lower the window. Serving hatch windows with counter weight are equipped with actuators that allow for easy opening and closing, as well as leaving in the sliding part on the lower level. Serving hatch may be equipped with a lock locking it in the lower position. By default, the window is manufactured with safe glass pane # 6, but other variants featuring different glass thickness are optionally available. It is also possible to install the blinds inside the window.
Additionally, it is possible to order windows to rooms susceptible to X-rays - then- X-ray shield screen provides protection against radiation (inside the glass and stainless steel frame) with equivalent of Pb # 0.5 to # 3, depending on design guidelines for radiological protection.  

Advantages of our serving hatch windows :
•    Highest quality
•    Maintaining the highest standards of hygiene
•    Optimization of work

Serving hatch windows

They are available in different configurations dimensional

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Serving hatch windows