Wall and ceiling stainless steel panels
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Wall and ceiling panels

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Wall and ceiling stainless steel panels (modular system)

The use of wall and ceiling panels made of stainless steel is a modern solution used in operating theatres and other areas which need special protection against microbes, such as operating rooms, treatment rooms, preparation rooms for doctors and patients alike.
•    The panels are constructed using galvanized steel gr. 1.5 mm consisting of bonds     connected by staples, made of vertical and transverse profiles, which form a stable     scaffolding
•    Mounting points of the coffers (wall panels) on the construction are inapparent
•    Standard ceiling tiles modules are in dimensions of 600x600 or 1200x600
•    20 mm thick wall panels made of 1 mm thick stainless steel are constructed using multi-layer technology and finished with stainless steel 1.4301
•    The wall structure enables easy removal of a single panel to carry out additional changes in the installation and construction
•    The antibacterial hermetic silicone silver pressure gasket is applied
•    The system for construction of ceilings guarantees an equal level or planes, effortless assembly and disassembly
•    The ceiling panels system for operating theatres is a coherent and consistent complement to modular wall system. Wall panels can be adjusted to the distance     between the axes of the grid ceiling system and removed one by one
•    The elimination of the risk of contamination in the corners through application of bent  panels without contacts and joints in the corners
•    Installation creates a sealed surface adapted to gas decontamination

•    panel surface finish: surface painted in RAL colours, with silver ions or glass surface
•    anti-X-rays shield in the form of lead input of thickness from #0.5 to #3.
•    Heating filler in the form of an internal panel with a heating output of about 90W m2.

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