Modular building operating rooms
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Modular building operating rooms

Modular panel mounting system
The stainless steel panel mounting system is a very hygienic solution significantly enhancing epidemiological safety of operating theatres. The system is designed in accordance with technical requirements of the building. Wall and ceiling panels are easily removable, flush with each other, connected by hygienic, hermetic gaskets. Consistent complement to this system are hinged and sliding medical doors. The design of panel mounting system takes into account equipping the operating theatres in all types of monitors, negatoscopes, clocks, cabinets and wall outlets.
In order to maintain the aesthetic value of the room we offer finish in both natural metallic style and painted in RAL colours. It is also possible to order panels covered with silver ions, which constitute a barrier to microorganisms. Inclusion of glass panels may be an additional solution, significantly increasing epidemiological safety. In this solution, graphic elements can be used that will constitute an excellent decorative element.
Modular panel mounting system consists of:
•    Modular wall panels
•    Modular ceiling panels
•    System doors are flush with a surface of the wall panel
•    System of built-in cabinets integrated with wall panels
•    Stainless steel treatment of walls and cavities
•    Supplementary and additional covers
The modular panel mounting system is recommended for finishing walls and ceilings or as a self-supporting system mounted within the operating theatre, as well as laboratories and sterilization rooms.
The advantages of the system:
•    Short installation time
•    Easy cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
•    Easily dismantled in the event of redecoration or renovation
•    Free access to devices behind panelled walls
•    Corrosion resistant
•    Modern design