Automatic sliding door
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Automatic sliding door

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Automatic doors of our production are available in both hinged and sliding option. Automatics is supplied by renowned manufacturers and is of very high quality using solutions tailored to individual needs.  Activating automatic door is done by proximity sensors, using a wall-mounted terminal or elbow buttons.
Our automatic sliding and hinged doors systems facilitate easy operation wherever manual opening of the leaves may be cumbersome or tiresome. They are ideally suited for "entrance" and "exit" of the operating block and treatment rooms and in the preparation rooms for patients and doctors. Automatic doors are characterized by reliability and safety.

The specification of automatic sliding and hinged medical doors :

•    The door and casing are made entirely of stainless steel with polished texture
•    Stainless steel 1.4301 hardware
•    Optimized thickness of panel 40 mm
•    Panel constructed using highly-compressed polyurethane foam, constituting thermal and     acoustic insulation at the same time, providing lightness and rigidity of the leaf
•    single or double-leaf doors
•    stainless steel hinges or wheelset
•    Stainless steel door pull in two options - short and long
•    Door automatics of the highest quality tailored to the needs of any user with multiple possibilities of adjustments
•    Adjustable movement speed
•    Obstacle detection
•    Adjustable opening width
•    Opening manually in case of power failure
•    Electronic system changing the direction of movement whenever an obstacle is encountered


PMN-1 - Single- sliding medical door

PMN-2 - double -sliding automatic medical door

  • Door available in hermetic option to ensure controlled air exchange and prevent the ingress of foreign bodies.
  • Stainless steel treatment of the door opening
  • Glazing in various configurations
  • Coating with paint from RAL colours
  • Coating with silver ions
  • The panel is created using layer technology additionally filled with either a board  resistant to shock or mineral wool.
  • Lead input protecting against X-ray radiation

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